Casa Sorelle

A taste of Italy right in your pantry.

Casa Sorelle is about family and heritage. They are two sisters from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who turned their dream of owning a European property into a reality. Conceived out of Calabria, it was love at first sight of these heritage olive trees.

We were so happy to help bring their dreams to life and bring a little bit of Italian heritage back to Canada.

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  • A Smooth Shopping Experience

    This site was a true pleasure to bring to life. The two sisters (Steffanie and Laura) are now able to bring their authentic Italian olive oil straight to your kitchen table!

  • Convenient Mobile Shopping

    Mobile viewing (and shopping!) is up over 50% of total website visits these days, so it was imperative to us to create an easy to navigate mobile checkout.

  • Built on Shopify

    Behind the scenes of this beauty, we are relying on Shopify software to ensure the orders are processed safely, accurately and on-time.

  • Built for Scale

    Casa Sorelle has started off as the effort of two very driven ladies, but there vision doesn't stop there. As the brand expands, the site is built to seamlessly expand right along with them.

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