Trauma Canada

Trauma Canada’s mission is to improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

We were very excited to take on this project, as many government organizations can be lacklustre in their web presence, so we wanted the chance to have Trauma Canada stand out above the rest.

They are a force for good, and we’re excited to have partnered up with them.

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  • Accessibility

    As the requirements for full accessibility compliance of government orgs in 2021 are coming down the pipeline, we wanted to make sure Trauma Canada was fully prepared.

  • Shopping Cart

    Trauma Canada runs a members only portal, so it was extremely important to secure the cart and have a easy checkout process.

  • WordPress

    WordPress was used for this build with a fully custom theme, and custom plugins.

  • Mobile Design

    Mobile simplicity was top of mind for this build to cater to the busy lifestyle of physicians as it's primary audience.

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