Welcome to Bspoke Media

Welcome to Bspoke Media Inc.

We are a full service Digital Agency specializing in the creation of e-Commerce Websites, Custom Shopify and Online Course & Member Portals.

Let’s get a bit further acquainted…

My name is Margaret Reffell, and I am the Founder of Bspoke Media. I started my career in Web Development back in the 1990’s growing up in a household where my father was infatuated with computers. He was a mechanic, but I likened his demeanor of more of a mechanical engineer. I learned computers young, getting comfortable with the command line as a 10 year old (remember DOS?) on how to access files within a computer.

I strayed away from computers during University, instead diving into the exploration of Biological Sciences, soon to return to computers in 2010.

Since then it’s been the philosophy of “well… let’s see how we can make this work”. It’s the instant gratification of implementing code, and watching it come to life that drew me back, and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been Freelancing as an independent developer, and took a deep dive into e-Commerce and online member portals.

Later in my freelance career is when I began to hit roadblocks. I saw such amazing opportunities for client growth, and knew I needed help to execute. My plans, visions, and ideas had begun to outgrow the capabilities of a single person. It’s time to grow… in every way possible.

That brings us to today. I’m so happy to announce the launch of Bspoke Media Inc. Building this agency has allowed me to bring big ideas and projects to fruition. It’s allowed me to build the best possible team around me to support the vision and goals of every client to the largest extent.

Building up to the launch of this agency has been a winding road paved with wins, losses, sweat, tears and triumph.

I’m super excited that you’ve decided to join me in this journey, because we’re just getting started!


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Meet the Team

What services does Bspoke Media offer?

Glad you asked, check out the following:

Note: We are currently piecing together all of the amazing work to upload to our portfolio, so if you would like to see samples, contact us HERE and we’ll send them your way.


Drop me a line, I personally read every email. I’m looking forward to helping your company reach new heights.




Founder | Bspoke Media Inc

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